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Seamless online authentication secured by ultrasounds


With SonicPass, fill your credentials in online authentication forms and protect yourself from phishing and keylogging attempts. No need to remember your IDs and passwords as your smartphone becomes the secure key to open your private sessions on any website, computer, ATM, kiosk or IoT device. This seamless authentication feature can be offered as an App but also as an App-less solution. To enhance the security during the authentication process, SonarLogin can confirm the user's ID on the smartphone using standard biometrics or pincodes as to comply with MFA expectations.

  • 1 Step 1

    The web site broadcasts a unique ultrasound that contains a one time password (OTP)

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  • 2 Step 2

    The user opens the SonicPass App to catch the ultrasound for this specific session

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  • 3 Step 3

    The user selects account and slides the button

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  • 4 Step 4

    After verification of credentials, the user is logged in


To test the SonicPass solution you will need to install either the Android or the iOS App. These App can be downloaded by scanning the QR code below or by following the respective links.
Once installed, you will be able to proceed to the demo section.

Direct link

Android app

Apple app


Click the button to launch...




Ultrasounds are a perfect alternative or complement to QR Codes to drive mobile payments. They require less efforts on the end user side, they will not compromise security and they will even work when there are no screens available on the POS.

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Second Screen Experience

Brands, communication agencies and publishers can use ultrasounds to offer second screen experience on TV or radio commercials. Ultrasounds can be used as invisible QR codes to empower interactive media that enable identifying and engaging customers on their smartphone.

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Identity Management

Within the digital processes of Identity Management and Access Control, ultrasounds are a user-friendly alternative to securely send data from a smartphone to the controller. To increase the security, a verified ID can be combined with OTP and timestamps.


IoT Connectivity

Offline data transmission over ultrasounds matches the growing needs for connectivity for IoT. Both at home or in professional & constraint environments, ultrasounds will increase the security and avoid the use of electromagnetic signals.


Download related documentation

As to introduce you to SonicPass and help you in using the demo for the first time, we have prepared different documents that can be downloaded here below

A solution based on the copsonic sdk

SonicPass is a sample use case in which ultrasounds enable the smartphone to identify the online authentication session and securely transmit the user's credentials. This use case is empowered by the regular CopSonic SDK which is available for all major platforms. To get further information or download the CopSonic SDK, please click here.


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